Sunday, November 25, 2007

ACC Hoops so far

With so many of us still in football mode, let's do a quick recap of how ACC hoops have gone so far. This year has seen an explosion of pre-season tournaments with almost everyone involved in one. That has meant more early games, a few more upsets, more quality match-ups, and in general a lot of great ball games that not too many people are watching, and even fewer people are attending. ACC-Big Ten Challenge is just around the corner, but a lot has already happened.

Boston College
4-0 with a win over Rhode Island.


5-0 including big win at Mississippi State as well as taking care of business against Old Dominion and Gardner-Webb.

5-0 with impressive wins over Illinois and Marquette.

Florida State
5-2 with win over UAB and a 14 pt beat-down of #24 Florida, but losses to Cleveland State and South Florida.

Ga. Tech
3-2 with wins over Charlotte and Notre Dame, but losses to UNCG and Winthrop.

4-2 with wins over nobody and losses to #1 UCLA and Missouri.

5-0 with wins over Marist and Providence.

NC State
3-1 with bad home loss to New Orleans, but nice tournament win over South Carolina. They play #19 Villanova today.

North Carolina
5-0 with close win over Davidson, and 10 pt. win over a really tough but cold shooting BYU team. Lawson played rolled his ankle and missed all but 2 minutes of this game.

5-1 includes a giant win at Arizona and solid win over Drexel, but a 14 pt. loss to surprisingly good Seton Hall team.

Virgina Tech
2-2 with no good wins and losses to #14 Gonzaga and #23 Butler.

Wake Forest
3-0 but haven't played anyone.

Going into NC States Villanova matchup tonight and the Big Ten Challenge next week, the ACC is 49-10 against non-conference teams.

Making conference comparisons is almost meaningless at this point because schedules vary so much, but here is a snapshot

ACC____________49-10 _____.83
Pac 10__________39-9______.81
Big 12__________47-13______.78
Big East_________55-16_____.77
Big 10___________36-14_____.72
A 10____________46-25_____.65
Conf. USA________30-21_____.59