Saturday, November 17, 2007

ACC Semi Finals Round 1

The Conference could not have planned better with Divisional Championship Games on back to back weekends. The ACC looks to make a statement with another win against a BCS team (Notre Dame is still in the BCS aren't they?)

Unlike BC, I was able to get back on track last week with a 5-1 record...

12:00 PM

Maryland @ Florida State
Tallahassee, Fla.
TV: R/LF (Split) (XM 190)
This one will be the tale of which team shows up… will we see the FSU team that beat ‘Bama and scare the life out of Va Tech before folding in the fourth quarter, or will we see the FSU team that played in the fourth quarter at Va Tech and Miami. Same for the Terps. Are we going to see the team that upset Rutgers and BC, or are we going to see the Terp squad that was bad enough to lose to the Heels? Tough call, be I give the edge to the Terps to make fewer mistakes than the ‘Noles… UMd 28-17

North Carolina @ Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Ga.
TV: R/LF (Split) (XM 191)
This will be a real heart check for the Heels. How will they do now that they know there will not be a bowl game this year? Tech’s defense is just too good for the Heels lack of a running game. Ga Tech 31-14

2:30 PM

Duke @ Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Ind.
TV: NBC (XM 192)
You know the execs at NBC really have to be thrilled with this one… This will be a true measure of how far the Irish have fallen. Duke 45-35

3:30 PM

Miami @ Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Va.
TV: ABC (XM 190)
After last week’s Orange Bowl finale, I think the Miami season is over… Tech appears to be clicking as they prepare for next week’s Coastal Division Championship Game against UVa… VT 31-7

4:00 PM

NC State @ Wake Forest

Winston-Salem, N.C.
TV: ESPNU (XM 191)
Wow! Who would have thought that this would be an important game just one month ago? The Deac’s are bowl eligible, the Pack needs to win to become bowl eligible. Wake gave Chuck Amato’s undisciplined defenses at fit with all of their misdirection. This will be a test of how far the new Pack defense has come. Wake is a very solid team despite getting blown out at Clemson. Pack fans well remember how good Clemson is when they are clicking. Andre Brown has been cleared to play, but I think the Pack will stick with Eugene at tailback to keep the rhythm they have found in recent weeks. The Pack has to protect Daniel Evans to win… Just call it a hunch (or a bad dream I had the other night) WFU 20-17

7:45 PM

Boston College @ Clemson
Clemson, S.C.
TV: ESPN2 (XM 192/193)
ACC ISP Sports Radio Network
This one will be for the Atlantic Division championship… Who would have though that a few weeks ago. Thanks to VT, I think the ACC coaches have caught on to BC, while the Tigers seem to be peaking at just the right time. Look for Matt Ryan to be upstaged by Cullen Harper. Tigers head to Jacksonville 35-21


Ken White said...

On PTI yesterday they pointed out that the Duke/ND game has to be the first time EVER that there has been a nationally televised game between two 1-9 teams.