Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from Cuba

Not a headline you see often, but I had the really rare opportunity to spend a week in Cuba, which explains the long absence of posts. Net connections are really painful to come by there, as is Diet Coke and just about anything else American. I did manage to hear about State's win over Davidson, but haven't seen or heard much else of sports at all for about 10 days.

One quite unique thing worth posting here did happen. I hadn't really noticed, but I went nearly a week without seeing a single UNC related thing. Really nothing ACC related at all there, but it is hard to go anywhere in the world without seeing a tarheel shirt, hat, logo, something. Never did. But about 5 days into the trip, a friend points out someone with a sweatshirt I needed to check out. It was a tour group checking into our hotel from somewhere in Europe. On the back of the hood it says "Raleigh, NC". Really wasn't something I'd expect to see in Havana. Went to talk to her. As she turned around, it was a very old "NCSU" sweatshirt. If she understood English, she couldn't understand my southern version of it, so really couldn't find out how she had come by it or if she even knew what the letters meant, but it was very cool to see it there.