Sunday, December 9, 2007

ECU Scores First Ever Hoops Win Against ACC...

Unfortunately It's Against The Wolfpack

In another of those W.T.F games, NC State looks out of sync against ECU in Greenville. In the opening minutes of each half, the Pack looked like they would blow the Pirates out of Minges Coliseum, but after falling behind 11-7 and 47-38, the Pirates hit a parade of circus shots to win 75-69.

ECU guard Sam Hinnat had the game of career hitting 10 of 13 from the field including 6 of 8 from downtown for 30 points to pace the Pirates. Gavin Grant led the Pack with 25, but missed 2 key free-throws with the score tied at 64 with 2:27 left in the game.

After Gavin missed the free-throws, Hinnat hit a 3-pointer with 2:13 left to put ECU up by three and then Cory Farmer stole the inbound pass and hit a jumper with 2:05 left to put the Pirates up by 5.

After starting the game 21 of 23 from the line, the Wolfpack missed 5 of 6 free-throws down the stretch.

I think we can officially that unless the chemistry problems are resolved quickly, the Wolfpack is in trouble. Just too many wild shots and turnovers when the Pirates could not match up with Hickson and Grant. Let's hope that Marques Johnson is ready to handle the point when the first semester ends.


Ken White said...

NC State is just bad right now. Really hard to understand exactly what it is, but a few things jump out at you
1) They are soft on defense compared to years past.
2) They cannot rebound
3) They have no offensive flow at ALL. Blame it on chemistry issues causes by having JJ, poor point guard play, or over-coaching.

Playing at ECU had me thinking of something kind of off the wall from my past. Hang with me for a moment. I'm a decent athlete, but never had much arm strength. Back in 10th grade PE, one of the things we were supposed to do was something like 10 pull-ups. I could do maybe 2. I always complained that I couldn't do pull-ups (back of your hands towards you) but could do chin-ups (back of your hands away from you). Well, finally my teacher had heard enough of the bitching and said, "Fine, do chin-ups". I could only do 1 ;)

Going into the game Saturday, ECU was 0-54 against the ACC. ECU fans always claimed it was because nobody would play them in Greenville. Only 3 of those 54 had been in Greenville over the years. Guess it turns out ECU could actually do the chip-ups.

Anonymous said...

... and after beating the Wolfpack in Minges, they'll likely be required to do pull-ups for quite a while.