Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Grobe to Arkansas

This is really bad news for Wake Forest fans. Jim Grobe was the perfect coach for Wake Forest. I'm sure this was a really hard decision for Grobe. But you really can't blame him. While no doubt there could have been more ACC championships in his future every ten years or so, there is simply no way to compete for a national championship at Wake Forest. It just isn't possible. But it is certainly possible at Arkansas, and you have to believe this is one of those "once in a lifetime" chances that is just too hard to pass up.

So now, both Wake Forest and Duke are looking for pretty much the same guy, a coach with D1 experience, clean as a whistle, and an innovative offensive mind. I have to believe Wake gets their guy before Duke does.

Arkansas Offers Wake Forest's Grobe, AR - 1 hour ago
by Chris Bahn FAYETTEVILLE — Wake Forest Coach Jim Grobe is expected to be named Thursday as head football coach at Arkansas, multiple sources confirmed. ...
Arkansas Hires Wake Forest's Grobe To Lead Razorbacks KHBS/KHOG 40/29


Anonymous said...

I had to wake my husband up last night to tell him the news...he was not a very happy man...."Arkansas of all places!"

Unknown said...

Obviously said husband has never been to Fayetteville AR, frequently rated in the top ten places to live in the U.S...and by the way, also have a university with great athletic programs as well as academics.

Anonymous said...

said husband called Jim Grobe's barber (Husband's barber too), he confirms that Jim isn't going...and he knows all!