Sunday, January 27, 2008

ACC Standings - Jan 27

It's never too early to start thinking about tournament seeding so we thought we would start publishing the ACC Standings. With seven teams having three losses, this looks to be a wild race for the fourth and final opening-day bye.

We have included a strength of schedule index (SOS). Basically, this is the won - loss record of the conference teams played by a school. As you can see, Duke and BC have played the weakest conference schedules so far, while Maryland has played the toughest schedule.

Also included are the home and away records. So far this year, there has not been a tremendous home-court advantage in conference play. Through Sunday's games, home teams are only winning 56.3% of their games. In fact, home teams are only scoring 4.09 more points per game than the visitors.


Ken White said...

What a weekend. The Pack steals one at FSU with a lucky bank shot. Miami avoids digging a hole they can't come out of. VaTech is the surprise of the year to me so far. GaTech beats cavs in overtime, and Matt Causey would get my vote for player of the year, OR something of the year right now. That kid is just amazing.

Oh yeah, and Duke rolls on.

Anonymous said...

... Don't forget the 2 great defensive plays at the end. I thought JJ and Gonzanez did a great job of ajusting after Douglas took Gonzalez to the hole that one time

Causey is a great story... the Kid never thought he would be on the team at Tech, let alone being such a key part of the team... absolutely deadly in OT.

How many teams shoot 55% from the floor against Duke and still manage to get beat. Duke's second half was scary... that spread offense looks like something they used to run in Chapel Hill except they actually do a good job of scoring from it.

Ken White said...

When Duke first started holding the ball, I could hear the collective groans of Devil fans everywhere. The first couple of times it didn't seem to work quite right and Maryland got to within 3, but they just started dominating after that.

I've got to say that it is a real treat this year to watch both Carolina and Duke. There have been plenty of years when both were very good, but I always seemed to dislike one or the other for some reason - typically because they'd have a couple of players you just couldn't like.

This year is different. Both teams are works in progress, but I really like both teams. I'm of course going to hate Duke come this thursday, but it will be temporary. I'm very hopeful that Duke and Carolina both can make serious final four runs.