Friday, January 18, 2008

Dave Odom out at SC

OK, not fair, the headline makes it sound like he's been fired. Several outlets are now reporting that Dave Odom, current South Carolina and previously Wake Forest basketball coach will announce that he is retiring at the end of the year.

Somehow I don't think SC will be calling College of Charleston coach Bobby Cremins for an interview.

My favorite Dave Odom story, the day an Odom assistant had me convinced that Herb was going to Nebraska, and then Odom would become State's coach. glad it didn't happen.

Someone smarter than me will have to figure this out, but is Odom the only successful coach to come out of Terry Holland's UVA staffs?


Anonymous said...

It depends on how you define successful. Some, including me at times, would argue that Dave Odom is not much of a coach, but I guess you can't argue with 400 career wins, 2 ACC titles and 3 NIT titles. Jim Larranga took George Mason to the Final Four... with a career record of 389-293 I think he qualifies as successful... With a record of 59-114, no one in their right mind will ever claim that Ricky Stokes has been a successful coach. On the other hand, Jeff Jones has a 250-205 career record and an NIT title to his credit... always thought he got a bit of a raw deal at UVa. His 146-104 record at UVa wasn't great, but it beat Pete Gillen's 119-93 record.

Ken White said...

Jones wasn't a bad coach. It hink part of his problems had something to do with a divorce and a cheerleader.
Seems like every school has some kind of rumor about situations like that.