Friday, January 18, 2008

January 19 - 20 ACC Hoops Schedule

Clemson - Duke looks to be the most exciting game of the weekend. This one could be a real track meet. Just in case he can't get his favorite time keeper to work the game, Coach K has been working on Duke's free-throw defense.

Don't look now, but Boston College is tied with UNC for first place with a 3-0 record as they head to Charlottesville to play the Cavaliers. No one saw that coming after the departure of Jared Dudley at the end of last season. With early season losses to Providence and UMass, followed by a dismantling at the hands of Kansas and then an unexplainable home loss to Robert Morris the Eagles looked to have a tough ACC regular season ahead of them. It's amazing what a 112 point outburst will do for team confidence.

NC State desperately needs a win. In two conference games this year, the Wolfpack has failed to impress (that's putting it mildly). To make matters worse, Ben McCauley is questionable for the game. Carolina and Clemson shot 44.4% from beyond the arc against the Pack... somehow, I think that Jack McClinton who is shooting 46.8% from beyond the arc can't wait for gametime. A loss would give the Wolfpack on 0-3 ACC start for the second straight year.

Poor Miami. They had to travel to Boston a day early for the BC game because of an impending snow storm... Guess what it's forecast to do in Raleigh on Saturday.


Ken White said...

My Picks: GT, UNC, Clemson, Va, Miami, FSU.

goat said...

How much longer is clemson going to put up with the poor coaching?Rick Barnes has to be really missed.

Ken White said...

I haven't seen enough of them to really know what you could be talking about, but it sure looks like he's put together a fantastic team. They can't shoot free throws, but that isn't something you can blame the coach for (other than recruiting wise). He's a very respected coach among others in the biz.

goat said...

He can not when the big close games he has the talent but his teams fold down the strech.Just as in the UNC game slow the game down and you WIN.

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with Ken, I've not see the bad coaching really. I think they are going to be an interesting team come tournament time due to their size and athleticism.

Ken, I agree with all of your picks except GT, they always seem to put up stinkers after a tough loss. I think Paul Hewitt is the most overrated coach in the ACC.

Ken White said...

Just hard for me to call that close a loss to the best team in the country bad coaching

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can see what you're saying, you would expect to see a much more confident team after a very well played ballgame like the one on Wednesday. However GT always seems to take a step backward after any tough loss.

They seem to be the only team that tries run with Carolina while playing a tough physical game down low and that seems to be the game they are best at playing. You watch today I'll bet you they go back to a slower paced game and they play like girls in the paint. If your team is built to play an up tempo physical game why only coach that way against one or two teams.

Also, just three years ago he had his team in the finals and now they are last place in the ACC.