Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shocker in Chapel Hill

Are the heels in trouble, or is it just impossible to go undefeated anymore? Carolina is getting everyone's best shot (ok, not everyone, they did play NC State). Maryland has been terrible much of the year, but played the game of their lives. It appeared to be a terrible call to give the Heels back the ball with 10.7, Carolina should have lost this game. It took a bad call, a dozen lucky bounces, and the luck of the arrow to give them a shot at the end. I hope they aren't using up all of the years luck before March. But, as I type, Tyler's 3 pointer bounces off, and Maryland proves once again, anything can happen in the ACC.

Maryland 82
UNC 80



Anonymous said...

Can't say I saw that one coming... Once the Heels clawed back and took a 4 point lead, it looked like they thought they had it won... really bad shot selection let the Terps back in it down the stretch... Defensive lapse or great offensive play when Osby hit the winning shot? Looked like the Heels got caught in a bad switch...

Anonymous said...

ok...the crying co-ed panned on national TV, post shock ending, was a bit too much!