Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sidney Lowe apologists

Obviously NC State is not a very good basketball team. There have been all sorts of speculations as to why, ranging from the fact they thought they would be so good the players didn't work this summer, to internal problems with guys not liking each other and bitching about playing time.

I have to say I'm pretty bummed about things, but we've been through worse. Despite spankings at UNC and Clemson, don't forget those teams are pretty damn good. State still has a good shot at post-season this year, although it will take some big improvements to make the NCAA.

Some fans are writing this season off completely, and also are somewhat worried about their coach. Fans and their relationships with coaches are pretty fickle in general, but the way last year played out, Sidney Lowe was put on a pretty high pedestal. He's fallen off pretty quickly in the eyes of those same fans. Given his history he'll have the longest leash in the history of the program as far as fans being willing to take losing with the hope and promise of the future. But before people start thinking the guy can't coach, let's do remember a couple of things:

  1. He's young and inexperienced as a college coach. That doesn't mean he isn't a very good coach, but there are things to learn about the college game and the kids that play it.
  2. I can promise you, one thing he never really had to deal with in the NBA was a team that doesn't quite have the skills to reliably get the ball up the court. That is going to be a learning experience.
  3. All off-season, he warned us, State can be very good, but only if we somehow get good point-guard play. While some problems seemed to exist, the Wolfpack seemed to be on the right track up until Farnold Degand was lost for the season. You take a great team and take away their point guard, and they can fall apart. You take a decent team like NC State and lose the point, and it can be devestating.
So, my advice to State fans (and myself).
  • Reset Expectations
  • Start looking for some positives and even moral victories in these tough road games.
  • Remember that we love our coach and that these are mostly the same kids who gave us a great run last year and are capable of it again.
  • Remember Coach Lowe is a work in progress - He's going to be the NC State coach for the remainder of his career, so even when he isn't perfect, he's learning and getting better, and we'll reap the benefits later.
  • Remember this is supposed to be fun!

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Anonymous said...

OK... you've talked me in off of the ledge for now. I wouldn't mind the losing so much if the team showed a bit of heart. The team chemistry is really out of whack. It sort of reminds me of the way Wake imploded at the end of Tim Duncan's senior year. I guess this goes to show that the number one recruiting priority has always got to be point guard. In this day and age you almost have to figure if you get a really good one, he is only going to be around for a year or two.