Thursday, January 17, 2008

Updated Referee Stats Through January 16

Things are a bit skewed because of a few blowouts and a few referees not working many conference games, but a few trends are starting to develop. Overall the foul and free-throw differentials are really close. Also, score differential is fairly close considering the really big blowouts in the past week.

Get ready for a track meet if Mike Wood, Roger Ayers or Jamie Luckie shows up to work a game. On average, 175 points are scored when Wood is refereeing. Ayers is seeing just over 167 points per game, while 161 points are scored when Luckie works. Through 16 games, the league averages 150 points per game.

The way things are going for the Wolfpack, Jim Burr, Tony Greene and Mike Kitts will probably work Saturday Night's game against Miami. Home teams have yet to win in games they have worked.

A word to the wise, don't show your emotions if Ted Valentine is working your game. So far there have been six technical fouls called in games he has worked. I thought it was only fitting that he was involved in two technical fouls on the same night Bobby Knight won his 900th game.


Anonymous said...

Ted Valentine just worked the Miami Virginia Tech basketball game and needless to say, he called 1 foul against Miami and probably 50 against Tech. Seth Greenberg almost got a technical and Valentine was yelling at him. After the game was over, Valentine high-tailed it over to the locker room and out of the colloseum. If he works your games, he always has a grudge against one, so hope it is not yours. Because of fouls, Tech lost 74-71. Valentine needs to be removed.