Saturday, February 9, 2008

Expanded Zebra Stats

Ever been convinced that the Zebra's have it out for your favorite team? Well here's the proof. We have compiled conference won-loss records and statistics sorted by referee for each team. The stats are posted at:

Just click on the tab for your favorite team and come up with your own verdict.

A couple of trends that stick out... Home teams are only winning 16.7% of the time when Brian Dorsey or Tony Greene show up. So far, the biggest homer is John Cahill with home teams winning 83.3% of the games he works. Ted Valentine is warming up just in case the General decides to resume his coaching career in the ACC. So far Ted has been involved in eight technical fouls, followed closely by Bernard Clinton who has been involved in 6... Interestingly, four of Clinton's technicals have been called against the Hokies who are 0-3 when he works.

Other than horrible shooting nights, anyone care to guess what Carolina's two home losses have in common? Jamie Luckie worked both games. Wolfpack fans are happy to see Gary Maxwell and Raymond Styons. The Pack has a 2-0 record when they work... Brian Kersey and Sean Hull, not so much, with the Pack is 0-2 when they work.