Monday, February 4, 2008

The General Hangs it Up...

Bob Knight announces his immediate resignation as head coach at Texas Tech

From the Associated Press
Bob Knight resigned Monday as coach at Texas Tech and his son, Pat, will
take over the program.

Chris Cook, a spokesman for athletic director Gerald Myers, confirmed the resignation, which was first reported by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

Bob Knight has 902 career wins, more than any coach in the history of Division I men's basketball. Win No. 900 came last month against Texas A&M. The Red Raiders are 12-8 this season… more

Love him or hate him, Bob Knight's total of 902 wins speaks for itself. Although he was often ripped for his behavior, treatment of players and of officials, I feel that the coaching profession needs more coaches like Knight than some of today's media darlings. During a time period when most coaches compromised their principles, Knight never wavered in his demand that his players perform in the classroom as well as on the basketball court.

I recall how upset he was with John Feinstein over his portrayal of Knight in “A Season on The Brink.” Ironically I thought the Knight was a maniac until I read the book. Feinstein’s insights into Knight’s unwavering principles gave me a respect for the coach that I never thought possible. Was he always right? Of course not. The harsh treatment of his players is legendary. However, I feel much of the harsh treatment was out of his great concern that his players always strive for excellence. To this day, the vast majority of his players revere the man. I wish Coach Knight well in his retirement.

By my count, Coach K is 108 victories behind Coach Knight. Assuming Duke’s continued excellence on the court, he should pass Knight in about four years.


Ken White said...

Any rumors as to why the sudden move? Is he going to stay around and help?

Anonymous said...

The only thing I heard was that he was tired and thought it would be a good time to turn things over to his son... It makes sense that he would want Pat to figure out if he could handle things on his own before the start of a season.

This morning I heard Dick Vitale say that when he recent asked Knight when he was going to reture, Knight replaie "How about in an hour." He went on to say that Knight told him he would know when it was time to leave... I guess he figured it out this weekend.