Monday, February 11, 2008

Repeating History

I've always heard that streaks are meant to be broken. But I've also heard something like, nothing new ever happens, history just repeats over and over.

With what may be the best Clemson team ever, against a somewhat depleted Carolina team, history repeated again, for the 52nd time.

Lompoc Record
UNC continues Clemson's woes in Chapel Hill
ESPN - 6 hours ago
Despite a double-digit deficit, UNC continued Clemson's woes -- this time in 2OTs -- in Chapel Hill. Never is a long time, but after the way Clemson lost at ...
UNC outlasts Clemson Baltimore Sun
North Carolina Tops Clemson in Double-OT The Associated Press
Clemson collapses, loses in double OT, rewrites history Charleston Post Courier


Anonymous said...

Some things just weren't meant to be... Heck of a ball game. If they can recover emotionally, Clemson is going to be one of those teams that no one wants to play in March.

Tyler Hansbrough is just a beast... he averaged 33 points and 15 rebounds last week. Who in recent memory has put up those kind of numbers?

Ken White said...

Chance that maybe Josh Howard had a few games like that, but I'm not sure. Probably not as far back as we think, but he's something.

Got to love hearing Duke fans talk about him, they hate the guy. Think he gets all the calls.

Anonymous said...

Got a Duke fan in the office that is scared to death of him...

Check out these stats... he's not in bad company.

Hansbrough 22.8 PPG 10.8 RB
Gminski '80 21.3 PPG 10.3 RB
Sampson '83 19.1 PPG 11.7 RB

Anonymous said...

That would be 53!

Ken White said...

Actually, it is 53 in a row, but you can't count the first are repeating, so I was careful and correct.