Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wake beat who?

I can't believe I missed it. Between Daytona 500 and Golf on the DVR, I forgot to tape the Duke/Wake game, and really completely forgot about the game, just an unusual time slot. At right about 10 I was putting my wife to bed and blew by the wake network on the radio. Didn't stay long enough to hear a score, but sure sounded like more excitement and noise than I would have expected. Ran back to the TV in time to see the last 30 seconds.

How in the Hell did that happen? And all 5 starters for Duke fouled out? I can only imagine the ref complaints to come on that one. Can't wait to hear the details.


Anonymous said...

Wake just out-played them. The Deac's actually gave Duke some matchup problems and the took advantage of the switches that Duke was doing on D. Way too much speed at guard for Duke to handle and the 3's were not falling. K was actually pretty reserved... looked like one of those situations you've mentioned about Roy Williams where the coach takes the attitude OK guys you're not listening to me, go ahead and see if you can win it on your own. HUGE WIN for a very young and talented Wake squad.

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty incredible game, one of the most fun in recent memory for Wake.

As David said, Wake matched up well with Duke and since Duke had a bit of an off night shooting Wake took advantage.

Coach K was very complementary afterwards, basically refusing to blame his team for poor play but giving all the credit to Wake.

You can read my post-game report (which includes K & Dino's audio) here