Thursday, February 28, 2008

Without a PG, nothing else matters

Everyone has asked me, what's wrong with State. I hear tons and tons of speculation:

  • Lowe just can't coach at this level
  • The kids have given up on their coach
  • The kids had such high hopes for the season that once it was clear they weren't going to compete at the highest level, they just lost interest
  • They were so cocky after the end of last year they didn't work in the off-season
  • Chemisty, Chemistry, Chemistry
  • They don't really like each other
  • Costner's sophomore slump
  • Playing time issues
  • They just don't have talent
I've spent a lot of time wondering about these issues and trying to figure it out. Last nights game against Florida State kind just made the problem so clear. Any and all of the things above could be going on. Or maybe none of them are. But the truth is, we'll never know what this club could have been or what issues would have held them back, because there is one problem that trumps all. State doesn't have a point guard. I don't want our two guards to take this 2 hard, because I think they can possibly become ACC level points. I can remember even Ray Felton had some struggles as a freshman. But NC State does not have a viable point guard at this point. And if the last two games have just made it very clear. In the ACC, if you don't have a Point Guard, nothing else matters.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget they're just not that athletic and most of the players are Herbs recruits...

Not having experience at point has hurt, but would we have been better if Herb hsd stayed? I know we lost most of Horner's recruiting class, but where were the guards going to come from? The kid from DC that ended up going to Georgetown got some playing time, but he is hurt now... Of course one could argue that Herb's Offense didn't need a true point guard.

Everyone needs to give Sid some time. He's trying to get Herb's talent to run his style of play... It's sort of like Tom Emma and company trying to run K's over-playing defense in the early 80's...

At least the Bulldogs are winning. A thrilling overtime win Tuesday night against Durham Jordan and a come from behind win against Panther Creek tonight. Only East Chapel Hill stands between the Dogs and a trip to the regionals.

Really fun game tonight. Had a 10 point lead at the half, went down 8 in the 3rd and ended up winning by 8. Great atmosphere... the coach said in his post-game that the team fed off of the crowd when they went on the run that got them back into the game and allowed them to pull away down the stretch.