Thursday, March 13, 2008

day 1 wrap

I think I just need to stop pulling for teams, I didn't win a game today. Of course, I don't care who wins BC/MD anyway.

Wake gave it a run, and their future looks bright. UVA played pretty well, but GaTech just shot lights out, and you can't overcome 58% shooting.

NC State was just pitiful. I have almost no confidence in Sidney Lowe right now. Maybe I'll feel better in a few days, but there was talent on this NC State team, and the offensive schemes completely mis-used it consistently this year. It was so pathetic at one point I turned to my friend to explain what Sidney needed to say during the under 8 timeount. "You guys remember that offense you ran two years ago? Go out and try that for a little while."

One other thing I'll complain about. I gave Herb hell in his life here for not honoring some traditions, like starting seniors on senior day. The fact that Gavin Grant ended his career apparently in the dog-house, and didn't get to make an exit to applause is ridiculous!

OK, enough of that, now to finally start enjoying college basketball, since the painful part of the year is over.

Got in for session 2 tonight for $5 upstairs. Unlike Greensboro, upstairs seats here are really high, much like RBC Center. It makes a huge difference, and I don't like it. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I expect the UNC fans to come out and get prices up a little closer to face.