Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is the ACC Really this weak?

Duke continued to look like a very mediocre team as they got spanked by WVU. Much like Clemson last night, they just couldn't hit shots. It didn't matter if they were 3's or those "free" ones, they just didn't fall. You could make some excuses about how just sometimes the shots don't fall, but all evidence, from our measly 4 teams in, to the performances so far, point to the fact that the ACC just isn't what it used to be. Maybe this is a temporary situation, or maybe it is the new ACC.

So what could the problem be? I've been stewing over this for a while. I'm sure after Miami loses, I'll stew some more. I understand why NC State isn't great right now. Coaching changes do that sometimes even when they are the right move. Who knows if State's on the right track or not. But, Duke is obviously not what we thought they were. It was mostly an illusion because the rest of the league was bad. Clemson is up, but just too new at this NCAA thing. Maryland is a mess. UVA is in transition as always. GaTech is stinging from too many NBA departures. Wake needs more players. VaTech may be about the best they've ever been, which is mediocre. And the rest are football schools, right?

If UNC let's us down, this could be the first time in my fanhood that the ACC will go 3 years in a row without a final four team. I really hope not.