Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who you pulling for? A building Collapse?

I'm sure you've heard it before. I probably first said it long ago about a Kentucky Louisville matchup. Who do you pull for when you hate both teams? You pull for the building to collapse on both of them. Of course, it was always a joke. Last nights storms in Atlanta were no joke, and now the SEC has a mess on their hands, with talk of playing at GaTech they'll have to refund a ton of tickets. They also seem to have only 3 options to handle the fact Ga-Kentucky didn't play last night

  1. Winner of that game this morning plays again tonight
  2. Play only that game today, then semi's tomorrow and end with co-champions of the tournament
  3. Somehow play a game Monday night, which complicates all sorts of things related to NCAA.
These are the options I've heard. Of course, what seems more fair and better, just screws TV schedules up badly is UGA/KY play today, then on Sunday they play both semi's, and the the finals. The problem is, the team that plays the 2nd semi wouldn't have much of a break before going into the finals, so, you split up the semi games. Play them simultaneously, one in Phillips Arena, one at GaTech, then get them together for the finals an hour later.


Anonymous said...

That had to be really frightening for folks in the Dome. Something to think about next year when the ACC heads to Atlanta.

Heard interesting comments on ESPN Radio that the NCAA pretty much told the SEC that since the SEC bylaws say that the Tournament Champion is the Conference Champion that if they did not finish the conference tournament, the SEC would not receive its automatic bid. This wouldn't have screwed Tenn out of a NCAA trip, and probably would have helped them as far as a #1 seed.

The talk was that the SEC decided to finish the tourney to see if they could get an extra team into the Big Dance.