Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ACC Big 10 Challenge Schedule - Minus State

The schedule of next years ACC - Big 10 Challenge has been released. I'm not sure this is how it works, but it appears that the last place team in the ACC doesn't get to play the next year, so no Wolfpack this year.

Full Story from Baltimore Sun:

2008 ACC-Big Ten Challenge

Monday, Dec. 1

Wisconsin at Virginia Tech

Tuesday, Dec. 2

Ohio State at Miami
Clemson at Illinois
Duke at Purdue
Virginia at Minnesota
Iowa at Boston College

Wednesday, Dec. 3

Michigan at Maryland
Indiana at Wake Forest
North Carolina at Michigan State
Florida State at Northwestern


Anonymous said...

That's how it works. Since there are only 11 teams in the Big 10, the 12th place ACC team has to sit out... Never ever thought it would be the Pack.

Does Duke actually have to play at Purdue, or is their game at a neutral site?