Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hatching something from that Egg

I get no joy out of saying that Carolina laid an egg in their Final Four game against Kansas. I know the one-and-done nature of the tournament is one of the things that makes it great, but man, with this final four, am I the only one that wishes every matchup was actually a best of 3?

I'm sure most people in North Carolina remember NC State's game at the Dean Dome this year, scoring something like 12 points in the first 10 hours of the first half. That is what it felt like for Carolina fans last night. 40-12 is going to stick in my mind for a long time. I know you don't come back on a team like Kansas from 28 down, but damn if they didn't almost do it. But as happens so many times, they just couldn't ever pull even, and Kansas didn't completely fold, although they came close.

Final Four's are great for most schools, or at every school for some years, but for this particular team you can only feel disappointment at the moment. I didn't watch with a clear enough head to understand why things unfolded as they did. Maybe the non-stop media attention took a toll on Hansbrough. Ty Lawson was nowhere near Ty of old. Danny Green isn't quite superman.

Now, like at many schools, the Draft Watch starts. If all these guys do come back, maybe Roy can find a way to hatch and even better team out of the egg they laid last night.

Roy's press conference is Here.


Anonymous said...

At 40-12. Billy Packer said" This game is over". When they got to within 4, I was hoping that "little schrimp" would find something clever to say. Like, I am a moron and should keep my fat mouth shut! Its not like that weasel has never seen Carolina come back before.

Ken White said...

I won't defend packer on that one. I thought I heard him say it, but everyone else in the room didn't believe me.

Reminds me of Al McGuire's famouse "Al Wood will not be a factor in this game" when he tweaked his shoulder, before going on to score something like 39.

Anonymous said...

Wood burned Virginia