Sunday, June 8, 2008

JJ Gone

Word is that JJ Hickson is staying in the NBA draft. I hope he does well and gets the payday he's after.

As far as NC State goes, a few thoughts come to mind:

  • Some may view the Hickson experience as Lowe vs. Sendek test. My belief is that Sendek had found a path to sucess in college by for the most part concentrating on guys that are 4 year guys. You could argue that he just couldn't draw one and done talent, and that is certainly true given that his offensive system wasn't about showcasing individual talent. But, it isn't a simple decision. Would you rather have a JJ Hickson or a Marcus Melvin? An OJ Mayo or Gavin Grant? A John Gilchrist or Engin Atsure? When you look at everything from potential trouble to graduation rates, I'm not sure what I'd do.
  • We've all talked about NC States chemistry issues. It brings up thoughts of addition through subtraction that was the basis of thin NC State hopes after the departure of Kenny Inge and company. No one should doubt that JJ Hickson was the best player on the court for NC State last year. BUT, I strongly believe that Sidney Lowe fell in love with the NBA body and potential of JJ, and completely lost his way offensively last year. Let's hope JJ's departure forces Lowe to install a college offense with some flow that allows his players to actually play the game, as opposed to last years endless series of set plays designed to exploit Hickson's strength.