Monday, July 14, 2008

Billy Packer Retires

This is a shock to me. Most of my friends HATE Billy Packer as we've talked about before. But growing up watching Thacker and Packer, I came to love the way he calls games. I trust his opinions. He wasn't perfect, made some mistakes at time, but all in all, I think knows more about the game than just about anyone on TV.

Well, news today is that CBS decided they were done with him. Speculation is that Clark Kellogg, who I also like a lot, will be paired with Jim Nance for Final Fours. Latest word is that today Packer said he is probably done calling basketball for good, meaning no Raycom/JP ACC Games. My hope is that this is just his initial feeling and that he'll change his mind on this front.


Anonymous said...

See ya Billy. Enjoy business ventures!

Anonymous said...

Basketball without Billy Packer... PRICELESS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually missed Billy during the aftermath of the timing mistake in the Carolina game. He wouldn't have just taken the crap the head of the officials said.