Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anyone want to blog?

As you can tell, we haven't had many posts lately. Many reasons for it, between work, kids, life time gets short. As I sit here watching NC State at Clemson the real reason is revealing itself to me. I just haven't been into basketball much since early last season. And, whatever enthusiasm I did have last year was completely sapped watching NC State in the ACC Tournament last year as Gavin Grant was benched and low put on JJ's NBA audition.

Maybe the feeling will turn around if there is a little success, but right now as a State fan I feel completely hopeless about this team. With no hope of making the NCAA's, the state games become somewhat meaningless. I can get excited about Davidson, I can even be excited for Clemson to maybe have a good year. I'll be up for Duke/UNC, but overall, so much of the season doesn't matter. I know State won't make the tournament, I know Duke/UNC/Clemson/Davidson will. So maybe I'll just start saving my money and effort for March.

Anyone want to blog for a while?


Anonymous said...

Football is still king right now and people will pay more attention after the Super Bowl.

We as fans are waiting to see if Clemson and Wake Forest are for real. Signs point that way, but still skeptical. Duke is Duke. State is a wreck and Carolina will be fine. Its good that they are not unbeatable. This team will be playing its best ball come tournament time!