Monday, February 9, 2009

Battle for Tobacco Road

I'm completely pumped now for Carolina at Duke. Thanks to some wonderful friends I was able to go yesterday to the world premiere of HBO's "Battle for Tobacco Road", HBO's new documentary on the Duke-Carolina basketball rivalry.

I was familiar with most of the older stories thanks to Art Chansky's book, and of course lived through and watched the last 25 years in the history, but this film brings it all to life in a way a book or typical public media can't. Even those non-hoop fans who have to live with those of us who have it in our blood will love this film and maybe get at least a little understanding of what the ACC, local rivalries, and this rivalry in particular mean to those of us who have grown up with it.

It premiere's Monday, Feb 23 at 9pm on HBO, so be sure to set the DVR or plan a watching party.

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