Friday, August 27, 2010

Your day has come!

Okay you Carolina haters your wishes are coming true. The Tarheel Football program is facing a lot of trouble from the NCAA. As a Tarheel fan I am dissapointed in the actions that have transpired over the last month. Carolina got caught.("Right Tiger"?) Plain and simple! The stereotype is everyone does it. At least until you get caught. Apparently Carolinas flawless record of academic achievement has been tarnished, and "oh boy" the jokes will come a flying! People are already upset because Carolina gets more press than any other school in the state. It will now be a good read for the typical Carolina Hater. I heard someone say "thank goodness its not the basketball team". In my heart I feel it still happened.(Regardless of the sport) I really felt like this team was good and tough enough to hang with the big boys and possibly earn something better than a Carquest Bowl bid. Now with all the distractions and possible suspensions they will be lucky to even hang with one of the better teams in LSU. This was supposed to be a measuring stick of where they stand with the nations elite. The SEC has their arrogance in football, like the ACC has in basketball. The SEC deserves to be that way, in having the last 4 BCS National Champions. There were high hopes for this conference and I still think they will be better than in years past. But back to Carolina. Its time to take what ever punishment that comes your way and man up! How could a coach who has a reputation of cleaning up messes left by other coaches and players, not know this was going on? Especially when it was his kid being tutored. Then again I don't know the whole story.You're guilty until proven innocent in this country or something like that. I am more passionate about Carolina Basketball than football. Most Carolina fans are! These infractions could damage recruiting efforts for future prospects in years to come. ABCers(Anybody but Carolina) rejoice! This is the day you have waited for.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

UNC to update NCAA investigation Thursday -

UNC to update NCAA investigation Thursday -

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walk the walk

The ACC enters the 2010 season in a respectable position thanks in large part to having 5 teams in the preseason polls. But that and a quarter will get Florida State, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami and Virginia Tech a soda out of our company vending machine. What happens during the course of the season is what really matters. So how many ACC teams will be left standing at the end of the year?

In 2005, the ACC had 5 teams in the final AP Top 25. The conference has its work cut out for them in they want to match the league record in this year.

The Coastal Division alone is a stumbling block. It wouldn't be a shock to see a team headed to the ACC Championship game with 2 conference losses in the standings.

Now go outside the league. The ACC takes on 11 teams ranked in the AP preseason poll. Of the potential BCS contenders in the conference, there are pitfalls early on -- from Virginia Tech's game against Boise State to Miami's road games against Ohio State and Pittsburgh. Lets hope the ACC is better than we think. There are a few games to try and proove that. Winning solves everything!

Bowden tells AP he was pushed out by Florida State -

Bowden tells AP he was pushed out by Florida State -

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tide starts where it finished: No. 1 -

Tide starts where it finished: No. 1 - Hey ACC time to earn RESPECT!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vols want to eliminate UNC game from 2011 schedule -

Vols want to eliminate UNC game from 2011 schedule -

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What if?

Okay folks time to claim your know it all status. Once again your team(s) are asking. What if? If things would have gone a certain way, then this would have happened. It would have been different. WOULDA COULDA SHOULDA My dad used to say. "If a buzzard had a picicclo up his ass.There would be music in the air". Another one was"if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas". Some schools are waiting for their punishment of the no nos agents and players thought they could get away with. Others return from a season that had asked What if? The only one that isn't really asking is Alabama. The Crimson Tide steam rolled their way to a conference and a National Championship. Their 13th! They had to win some close games. One in particular Tennessee. Call it what ever you want, but a great play or plays happens on the road to a championship. It was not luck . It was a GREAT play made on defense! That blocked FG was amazing! Mt Cody had errupted! His second of the day! Florida and Texas were on nice runs of their own until they played Bama. By the way Bama still wins if McCoy is healthy. All three of these teams could be playing in December and possibly in the ALL MIGHTY BCS Championship Game if not penalized by the NCAA for violations that could be a HUGE blow to a teams season. There are other teams that should be in the mix for other BCS Bowl games. Many asking. "What if"?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here we go! Its about that time!

Its almost that time of the year where pigskins will be flying. Eventually in a stadium near you. This is the time to stay friendly with your season ticket friends. If the tickets are available. Take full advantage of this opportunity and go. Most games are a lot of fun. And the seats are usually very good!(with a parking pass!) This is a season with alot of anticipation and excitement. At this time everyone is unbeaten and eligible for those coveted BCS Bowl bids(conferences that are eligible) Those dreams of your teams playing in the conference championship game on that cold December Saturday( where you go to a special place where you cannot be bothered with real life at that time. ) Everyone has their superstitions and rituals. (You know who you are) It seems like over the last few years SEC and The Big whatever it is (formerly Big 12)games are aired again on ESPN Classic the next day or so.! Time to make sure calendar is cleared. Unless you have to work or have an event to go like a Wedding and cannot watch. You have to keep hitting refresh on your phone for game updates and hopefully your wife or signifigant other will not catch you in the act. I know there are some that are ok with that. Then there are others...... Will not go there!

Is this going to be the year you have been dreaming about for your team? Go ahead you have less than a month(2 weeks) to fantasize before reality sets in. More to come!