Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here we go! Its about that time!

Its almost that time of the year where pigskins will be flying. Eventually in a stadium near you. This is the time to stay friendly with your season ticket friends. If the tickets are available. Take full advantage of this opportunity and go. Most games are a lot of fun. And the seats are usually very good!(with a parking pass!) This is a season with alot of anticipation and excitement. At this time everyone is unbeaten and eligible for those coveted BCS Bowl bids(conferences that are eligible) Those dreams of your teams playing in the conference championship game on that cold December Saturday( where you go to a special place where you cannot be bothered with real life at that time. ) Everyone has their superstitions and rituals. (You know who you are) It seems like over the last few years SEC and The Big whatever it is (formerly Big 12)games are aired again on ESPN Classic the next day or so.! Time to make sure calendar is cleared. Unless you have to work or have an event to go like a Wedding and cannot watch. You have to keep hitting refresh on your phone for game updates and hopefully your wife or signifigant other will not catch you in the act. I know there are some that are ok with that. Then there are others...... Will not go there!

Is this going to be the year you have been dreaming about for your team? Go ahead you have less than a month(2 weeks) to fantasize before reality sets in. More to come!