Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walk the walk

The ACC enters the 2010 season in a respectable position thanks in large part to having 5 teams in the preseason polls. But that and a quarter will get Florida State, North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami and Virginia Tech a soda out of our company vending machine. What happens during the course of the season is what really matters. So how many ACC teams will be left standing at the end of the year?

In 2005, the ACC had 5 teams in the final AP Top 25. The conference has its work cut out for them in they want to match the league record in this year.

The Coastal Division alone is a stumbling block. It wouldn't be a shock to see a team headed to the ACC Championship game with 2 conference losses in the standings.

Now go outside the league. The ACC takes on 11 teams ranked in the AP preseason poll. Of the potential BCS contenders in the conference, there are pitfalls early on -- from Virginia Tech's game against Boise State to Miami's road games against Ohio State and Pittsburgh. Lets hope the ACC is better than we think. There are a few games to try and proove that. Winning solves everything!