Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An interesting first week. 2nd week even better!

The first weekend of College Football came and left with a sense of what lies ahead for the rest of the season. There were expected blow outs,last second finishes and major upsets. I am still in shock(like many others) that Jacksonville St won at Ole Miss. Alabama is still the best in the land. Granted they beat a cream puff, like Ohio State, Georgia,Florida State, Miami and Florida(who struggled) did as well. North Carolina who was missing 13 players made LSU sweat it out in Atlanta. Virginia Tech did the same to Boise State (except Boise rallied to win). Both had great comebacks that fell short. Next week there are some really good match ups and should make for another exciting week of college football. Competition will be much stiffer than last weekend. There are alot of talented quarterbacks this year. Several will be on display this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in this area, what happens on the field is going to take a back seat to what happens with the UNC coaching staff. With subpoena's flying, coaches running, and a new rumor every day, it is going to take some special games to keep anyone focused on the field.