Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is it time for BASKETBALL?

Which game was more important for the ACC this weekend? Hope nobody voted!

Cincinnati at NC State
Maryland at West Virginia
East Carolina at Virginia Tech
BYU at Florida State
Alabama at Duke
Clemson at Auburn
Wake Forest at Stanford

FYI- Duke and Wake Forest lost by a combined score of 130-37, after their shootout in Winston Salem last week. State and Florida State won impressively over quality teams.(they were good last year) Lets not forget Clemson finding a way to lose. Carolina fumbling away another 4th quarter drive(dont care if its a conference game). Also locally ECU was given a dose of reality by a pissed off Virginia Tech team.Losing by the same score they pasted Memphis with(49-27) last week. This was a week for the ACC show off that preseason hype again. This sure is not the year! Its time for some hoops! The only thing I learned this weekend was the Carolina Panthers are the best(College)team in the state of North Carolina!


Anonymous said...

Maybe State can get a little run going this year to give us something to cheer about. At the moment ACC sucks.

Anonymous said...

Would rather chew glass! State looked good against mediocre talent. Congrats on being 3-0!

Joe Reardon said...

ACC is horrible- We had the opportunity week 1, 2 and 3 to make national attention but here we go again-

My pack needs this GA Tech game bad for any credibility

Anonymous said...

State should be 4-0 after this weekend. Would be a nice start to conference season!