Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time to beat each other up!

ACC football is finally here. They obviously aren't ready for the Big stage but they are ready to knock each other around for a few months. There are alot of questions to be answered during this time. The biggest surprise to me right now besides NCStates 4-0 start is a depleted North Carolina team that are a few plays from 3-0. I will not start with the what ifs but playing close games with these back up kids is amazing. Saturday against East Carolina should be a shootout. ECU can put points on the board but have a difficult time stopping people as well. They allow 41 pts per game so Carolinas 4th team defense had better be ready!(kidding but some 4th stringers are probably playing)

Russell Wilson is possibly where he left off from last season before baseball started. He is pretty good at that too. There have been comparisons to Charlie Ward.(I know he played basketball) Wilson sure playes like him. They have a lot of simililarites and want to be on the field with the game on the line. He has become the best Field General since Phillip Rivers was in Raleigh. Saturday is a huge chance for him to spotlight infront of a National Television audience. He has one National TV win and looked good in doing so. They will not be playing Cincinnati saturday. Virginia Tech is the favorite to win the ACC Crown along with Clemson, Miami and Florida State. Saturdays game is a huge measuring stick for both teams,especially NC State. Virginia Tech is used to being the favorites and they are still mad from a 0-2 start. They know they have a lot to prove but State feels the same way and 4-0 being ranked in the nations top 25 should give them enough incentive. 5-0 would be amazing!! Its time to put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner.


Ken White said...

I never think that much about NC State Football. I'm just so much a hoops fan that while I get into it a little, I don't think I've even been to a state football game since Rivers. But this is fun.

I must have 5 or 6 State caps, plus like 30 others. I never really notice which hat I put on. But over the last week it has been amazing that even if I don't know I'm wearing a State hat, someone will remind me. At the SAS Championship last saturday, at least 5 people came up and asked me if I had heard a score. Today at a drive-through someone asks me if I'm going to the game. Took me a few seconds to even know what the hell he was talking about, until I realized I was wearing an NC State cap. VaTech is probably better than NC State, but here's hoping that doesn't matter Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Had a feeling they would choke this away after pick in end zone before halftime. But 4-1 is still pretty good and they make make it to Chick Filet Bowl against Florida.