Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heels need to quit playing chicken.

Okay Carolina it time to quit playing scared basketball! Enough is enough! First of all its an honor to wear those colors and be apart of one of the greatest winning programs EVER!(U haters can stop gagging now) U highly ranked rookies need to get with the Program. Obviously you are very talented. Because Carolina wouldn't have looked at you! YOU HAVE TO GIVE ROY A REASON TO PUT U IN A ROTATION! It all starts with a point guard. This is a huge problem. Carolina has been blessed over the years with great point guard leadership and Larry Drew is not the answer. "Give him a break you say". Last year was forgiven and you are supposed to be better than what you were. In all the years that I have followed Carolina Basketball they have had a leader. 2010(last/this season) has been the worst I have ever seen. Yes even 2002, and they were awful. Carolina was spoiled by Ty Lawson and some plug in play doll named Hansbrough. Reloading from their departures have been very challenging. Didn't have any leadership with Thompson or Ginyard. If your point guard can't be the leader on the floor then it is someone elses job to be the leader(Zeller?) If this does not happen soon. You are going to get what you have been getting and thats unnacceptable! Hey Harrison! Is it just hype? Please stop playing like you are chicken! Illinois, Kentucky and Texas are coming up very soon! Better get in gear! U don't want to go into conference season with a limp.


Ken White said...

Where is Brian Morrison when you need him? said...

Playing in The North Pole.

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