Friday, February 4, 2011

Drew ends tumultuous career with mysterious departure -

Drew ends tumultuous career with mysterious departure - SELFISH!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halfway almost complete

Its a long season,but the picture looks a little clearer than a month ago. There is Duke, who still has the best team in the Conference and is entitled to having a bad day. (St Johns). Only wish the performance happened in conference play. But it also shows how good the Big East is. They will get 8-9 teams in tournament come March. The ACC may get 4, 5 if they are lucky. And 6 if there is a team who gets hot at the right time! WAKE UP STATE!!!!!

The team playing the best ball is North Carolina. Their demolishing of a pretty good Boston College team at their place was a preview of things to come. This has been the best Carolina performance since the NCAA Final in 2009. The next 3 games for them is very critical.They are home against Florida St,@Duke @Clemson. Barnes and company are finally playing better and the pt guard situation is getting bettter.

Florida State, Virginia Tech, Maryland,BC,Miami and Clemson will have to battle to avoid opening round ACC Tournament appearances. State, Virginia, Ga.Tech and Wake Forest not so much.