Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Bad Afternoon

For the last 35+ years I have been following Carolina Basketball and yesterday at the Leon Civic Center in Tallahasee Florida something happened that I have never seen in all these years is, not only did a basketball team give up,but its coach did too. Getting blown out is one thing. But giving up and walking off the floor to avoid the storm.(But "he was protecting his players", so he says)) Why would he leave those walkons on the floor to fend for themselves? That was only part of it.
I remember Dean Smith teams getting blown out,but never giving up! One I distinctly remember in 1990 when they were crushed by Lethal Weapon 3(DennisScott,KennyAnderson@BrianOliver) Georgia Tech couldnt miss that night winning by 27. Carolina kept playing even though they had no chance. Yesterday Tyler Zeller was the only one who kept playing hard. Cold shooting days do happen but someone else picks up the slack. Barnes,Marshall,Hensen, and Strickland looked like they did at the beginning of last year.But they fought through it and became an elite 8 team. They looked frightened and their coach DID NOT HAVE AN ANSWER. How do u not have an answer? Thats what time outs are for. But u prefer to let the players play through the mess. Please call timeout to atleast stop the bleeding for that moment. If they continue staying hot. Well at least u tried to stop the carnage. Its very annoying to hear Dukie V talking about Carolina getting blown out like this. The only positive I see in all this is. The season is not over yet. Another thing is. These are kids. Yelling and screaming at them constantly is not going to get better results. Also John Henson needs to quit shooting jumpshots and his poor freethrow shooting is going to be a problem. Justin Watts should not be in rotation unless there is foul trouble or someones hurt. Robert McAdoo and P.J. Hairston need to be more aggressive and get faster on defense. It would also help Marshall(needs serious work on D) and Barnes. Florida State was benefited by hot shooting great hustle and Carolinas poor play. Still a long way to go!